Medallion Meeting -  at Ivar’s (Cash Bar) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Pick up your 2019 Medallion. (Note to All and New Members, You MUST Wear your 2019 Medallion to March in the Parade). New Members will also pick up their Green Bow Tie and Green Cummerbund at his Meeting. However, you have the option to purchase your own Green Vest…That’s up to you. See additional Kilts & Kisses Attire information for New Members below.

Additional Information for New Members:


Our Kilts & Kisses Dress Code is as Follows:

NOTE: All items Mentioned Below can be Purchased from (Our Kilts & Kisses Discount Code is TYD8BK)

·       KILT....You Must either wear an “All Irish Kilt” or if you have some Irish Blood in you….then you are Highly Encouraged to Wear your Family’s Irish Tartan!

·       TUX Jacket....If you decide to purchase your Tux Jacket instead of Renting one…may we suggest you look into Purchasing a “Prince Charlie Jacket

·       Hose....(i.e., Socks) as well as “Flashings”, that match your Kilt. Flashings help to hold up your Hose/Socks from falling down and looking like Pete Maravich.  

·       Green Cummerbund and Bow tie....(Which we supply to New Members). However, if you prefer to Spice it up a little, you can purchase a “Green Vest”

·       Sporran....(Man Purse) is good to complete the ensemble and is also Functional, gives you a place to store your driver’s license, keys, money and of course Stickers!