Almost Irish

What's in a name? With names like Tittlebaum, LeBlanc, and Chatellier, the founding members of the Club don't boast significant Irish lineage, but there's a little Irish in each of us. Hence the name "The Almost Irish Club". The goal is to create an organization that celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the enthusiasm of the Irish, regardless of heritage.

So what is the Club really about? The objective is to assemble a group of gentlemen (term used loosely) who appreciate a good time and are confident enough to don a black tuxedo and tails (a KILT is strongly recommended for optimum parade day enjoyment) and LEAD (i.e. walk) the Baton Rouge St. Patrick's Day Parade, interacting with the parade goes by offering beads, trinkets, shamrock stickers, and, most importantly, Happy St. Patrick's Day wishes and kisses to the ladies (all in a gentlemanly manner, of course). 

  • Dues - $75 if paid by 12/31, $110 after the first of the year. Dues will not be accepted after March 1st.
  • Attire - Mandatory dress will be a black tuxedo tailcoat with the option of black tuxedo pants or a kilt. Tuxedos will be available at a discount from a predetermined rental company. The Club will provide you with a cummerbund and bowtie as part of your dues. Since we do walk, comfortable shoes are recommended; however, flip-flops, sandals, and open-toe shoes are not allowed.
  • Medallions - Club members will receive a medallion with their paid dues. Medallions MUST be worn on parade day. 
  • Kilts - Kilts are available from A 10% discount is offered on any purchase to Club members. The Club recommends the Blackwatch Tartan pattern; however, other kilt patterns can be approved. If you wear a kilt, kilt hose (socks) must be worn. These are also available from Sportkilt.
  • Throws - Club members are responsible for their own throws. Beads should be green and white (pearl) only. While not required, it is recommended that beads be a minimum of 12mmX48". Remember, you will typically be putting these on the ladies one at a time, so bigger is better (no pun here). Any type of Irish sticker is acceptable (placement of the sticker is at your own risk - we don't want lawsuits). Garters and panties are typically popular and are easy to carry. Green and white carnations/flowers on a pole are also an option. Whatever you choose, remember that you will be carrying your throws. Green "newspaper satchel" style bags are available for purchase from the Club or at local party supply stores. 
  • Behavior - While the goal is to have fun at the parade, Club members must exercise caution with their interaction with parade goers. Respect must be shown for everyone. Drunken behavior will not be tolerated. Most importantly, if you choose to wear your kilt in the "traditional" manner, be aware that there are children on the parade route and that there are public nudity laws.