• Catholic Life Center (map)
  • 1800 North Acadian Thruway East
  • Baton Rouge, LA, 70802
  • United States
  • Be at the Catholic Life Center at 8:00am

  • We take the group picture at 8:30am

  • We march between 8:45am and 9:00am

  • Wear your 2016 Medallion    


REMINDER: The attire for Parade Day is as follows:

  • Tux Tails or a "Prince Charlie Jacket" that you can order from SportKilt.com.
  • Family Kilt or our default Black Watch Kilt (preferred), but if you are not going to wear a kilt, the only substitute is tuxedo pants.
  • Hose (i.e. socks) as well as Flashings that match your kilt. Flashings help to hold your hose/socks from falling down and looking like Pete Maverick.
  • Green Cummerbund and bow tie (which we supply to new members) or a green vest if you want to spice it up a little.
  • Sporran (Man Purse) is good to complete the ensemble and is also functional (it gives you a place to store your driver's license, keys, money, and stickers, of course!)

Please remember: NO Baseball caps - let's keep it looking classy!